Our volunteer team puts in over 5,000 combined hours of work to bring Origins to life. We sincerely thank our volunteers for their hard work and dedication to the show. Many volunteers have been with us for years and we hope much more to come! If you have any questions, please email convention@gama.org.


What is required of an Origins Volunteer?

Volunteers may sign up for 16 or 32 hours in advance of the show. All volunteers over 18 must submit to a background check.

Origins Volunteers help with the operational areas of the show. From printing badges in Registration to helping GMs in the Gaming Halls, there are a lot of ways to get involved behind the scenes! All volunteers are expected to be courteous, professional, and eager to help.

What do I get for volunteering?

All volunteers working at least 16 hours get a full show badge and Origins Volunteer shirt. 32-hour volunteers have the choice of: 1/4 hotel room, food vouchers, or an additional badge when registering. Please note: The hotel room option closes May 1.

What are Volunteer Leads?

Volunteer Leads are volunteers that have worked with us in the past and have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills. They’re in charge of specific areas at the show and lead operations and their volunteer teams. If you are an Origins volunteer fitting this criteria interested in becoming a Volunteer Lead, please email convention@gama.org.

Are Game Masters volunteers?

Game Masters run specific games at the show and are not considered part of the volunteer program.

Can my child volunteer?

Volunteers under the age of 14 are welcome to take part in the Little Critter program. Little Critters are volunteers under the age of 14 that work alongside their parents.

Can I choose where I work?

When you sign up you can select your preferred area to work. Assignments are based on preference, experience, and area need.

Can I sign up on-site?

All volunteers must sign up in advance to submit to a background check and be placed in an area to work. We can no longer accept on-site volunteer signups.