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Origins After Dark

Though Origins is a family-friendly show, we do have scheduled events that cater to a more mature audience and occur. Check out this year’s After Dark program and grab tickets to these 18+ events!

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COSI After Dark

When: Thursday, 6pm - 10pm
Where: COSI - 333 W Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215
How Much: $16 with badge (Make sure to show your badge for the Origins discount!)
More info here!

Get your game on at COSI After Dark! Enjoy the local science museum at this 21+ after-hours event! Play games in the Gaming Room exclusive to Origins Attendees! Bring your own games or try one of the many titles provided by Tabletop Game Cafe.

NSFW Comedy Show

When: Friday, 10pm - 12am
Where: D180
How Much: FREE
Event ID: 16260

The Origins Comedy Show (for adults only) returns again this year for a free event full of laughter and fun as our favorite nerdy comedy pros, Larry XL, Mikey Mason, Violet Gray, and Jimmy Meritt, take the stage!

Around the Moons of Jupiter

When: Wednesday, 7pm - 11pm
Where: TBA
How Much: $4
Event ID: 11789

The UNSF Amoeba investigates a strange object hurtling towards the Phoebe colony in the farthest reach of our solar system. What they find will dictate the future of all mankind. (RPG)

BNS Vampire the Masquerade

When: Friday, 6pm - 12am / Saturday, 7pm - 1am
Where: TBA
How Much: $6
Event ID: 15528 / 15530

Set in a fictionalized "gothic-punk" version of the modern world, where players assume the roles of vampires, who are referred to as "Kindred", and deal with their night-to-night struggles against their own bestial natures, vampire hunters and each other. (LARP)

Dread: Victims’ Choice

When: Wednesday, 8pm - 1am / Thursday, 8pm - 1am / Saturday, 8pm - 1am
Where: TBA
How Much: $6
Event ID: 13494

Enjoy a terror-filled Dread game of your own choosing, crafted by our experienced Hosts. Enter freely, go safely, and leave something of the happiness you bring. Diceless horror, bring a steady hand. (RPG)

How Many Heroes Does It Take To Slay A…

When: Saturday, 8pm - 11pm
Where: TBA
How Much: $4
Event ID: 13494

“Down in the depths of Delm’s Heap, heap, heap, Where the monstrous eyes sleep, sleep, sleep, Gold there is, but creep, creep, creep, Else you wake the skald o the deep, deep, deep.” Old Dwarf Lullaby (RPG)

Pint & Play

When: Wednesday, 7pm - 11pm
Where: TBA
How Much: $4
Event ID: 14520

Vince likes to play board games. Vince likes adult beverages. Come play board games with Vince and enjoy adult beverages. (Tabletop)

Return of Schlock! Smithee Awards

When: Saturday, 7pm - 11pm
Where: TBA
How Much: $4
Event ID: 14483

Do you enjoy bad movies of the sort presented at the Smithee Awards? Do you think you could do better? Or worse? Join us and find out, as we describe our own movies at the Return of Schlock! (Film)


When: Thursday, 10pm - 2am
Where: TBA
How Much: $4
Event ID: 11909

The next game in the Rememorex Line, RPG NASTY, is a one-shot storytelling game designed to evoke the bottom-of-the-barrel VHS horror of the early 80s known in Britain by the moral panic of the Video Nasties! In this one-shot game you and your group will collaborate to create a crazy slasher and play the hapless victims. (RPG)

Savagely Stalking the Seas Fantastic

When: Thursday, 7pm - 11pm
Where: TBA
How Much: $4
Event ID: 11792

Missing Ships! Strange glowing objects underwater! Join the Agents of Bureau 13 and dive into a watery adventure as they Stalk the Night Fantastic! (RPG)

Say Anything Uncensored

When: Thursday, 8pm - 9pm
Where: TBA
How Much: $2
Event ID: 16009

Get a sneak peak of the new adult version and see how raunchy things get in this unscripted party game where you write the answers. All participants will get a bonus pack of questions for Uncensored.