Critter Care

When: Wednesday, 12:45pm-6:15pm / Thursday-Saturday, 8:45am-1pm, 2pm-6:15pm / Sunday, 8:45am-1pm, 2pm-4pm
Where: A220-A222
How Much: $4 per hour per child

Critter Care is Origins’ dedicated childcare room. Children ages 5-12 are welcome to fun-filled programs customized for their age group. We’ll have a variety of activities available, such as tabletop and card games, arts and crafts, and an assortment of books and toys.

The entire room is chaperoned by the wonderful people at KiddieCorp. All team members are carefully reviewed and screened to make sure they meet KiddieCorps’ high standard requirements and are heavily trained to ensure they do everything “The KiddieCorp Way”. Team members have backgrounds in early childhood education, daycare centers, YWCA, and headstart programs. This thorough screening and training process ensures that your children will receive the highest quality care from the KiddieCorp team.

Origins is happy to offset the cost of Critter Care and provide a reduced rate of two generics per hour per child. Guardians will need to complete a consent form and leave their contact information and intended location at the convention when checking into Critter Care. Children will be required to stay in Critter Care until their guardian comes to sign them out.

Chaperoned by KiddieCorp.