Clubs and Organizations

We love recognizing gaming groups around the world who are involved with playing and promoting games. Thank you to the following clubs and organizations for supporting Origins Game Fair by running countless events throughout the show:


How do I register my Club?

  1. Download and complete the above application form.

  2. Create Club Roster (minimum 8 members).

  3. Provide Club Logo (transparent .png file).

  4. Email these three items to

What are the benefits to registering my Club?

  • Each registered club member will receive a $30 discount on their badge.

  • Pool your GM and/or Volunteer hours and receive compensation as a group.

  • Recognition for your group online and in the site book.

What is expected of my Club at Origins?

  1. Your Club must run events or provide volunteers to help at the show.

  2. All Clubs must follow Origins GM requirements.

  3. If running events, make sure to submit by the deadline.

  4. Your Club may only run events approved by Origins. Please contact prior to the show to get approval for any product giveaways or prize support.

How do I get my Club Badges?

Once Origins receives all the necessary information for your Club, you will receive a coupon code that will grant the Club Discount on a Full Show Badge. You must include your Club name on the company line of the online registration form.